Floyd Mayweather Spotted Wearing an Insane $1 Million Jacob & Co Watch

It is no secret that the five-time champion, Floyd Mayweather, lives a life of luxury. Collecting the biggest bags in the history of boxing gave the millionaire his nickname ‘Money’. He is clearly a watchmaker as he has previously advertised his luxury watch. Floyd Mayweather wearing an expensive watch made the world speak as he was recently filmed on the court at the NBA Playoffs.

Floyd Mayweather’s million-dollar watch

‘Money’ Mayweather toured the NBA Playoffs courtroom between the Pelicans and Suns wearing Jacob & Co, one of the most glamorous watches and jewelry companies. However, Mayweather is not the only sports icon with this watch as celebrities such as soccer star Lionel Messi change their Jacob & Co.

The 18K white gold-plated watch with a baguette cut all over it including a bracelet. As a result, the shiny and beautiful piece took on light as it was impossible to miss such an impalement. A staggering $ 1 Million is the selling price of this watch. However, this clock is not Mayweather’s most expensive watch as the 50-0 champion bought a watch named ‘The Billionaire’ by Jacob & Co in 2015 at a whopping $ 18 Million.

How much money does Floyd Mayweather have?

Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest athletes. Forbes has named him the first billionaire in the ring. The 45-year-old said his total is $ 1.2 Billion because of his success inside and outside the square circle. Not only does he have a collection of luxury watches, but Mayweather also has a collection of luxury cars.

Loyal to his moniker, Mayweather did not shy away from changing his fortune to his opponents and fans alike. All in all, the five-time champion owes his wealth and success to his motto for his livelihood, “Hard Work and Dedication.”

Floyd Mayweather’s Seven-Word Mantra for Success

The 45-year-old boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has done a commendable job in his successful boxing career. From making big money to putting titles in his name, Mayweather has come a long way. In the same way, he shared a 7 word mantra to succeed in his latest Instagram post.

On Floyd Mayweather’s latest Instagram, he posted a rare photo of her teenage years when he was only 17 years old. With this post, you have shown how you predicted that you would become a 5-level champion and sports legend, over the past 28 years.

In addition, he also mentioned gold words in the captions of his Instagram post. The caption concludes with a heartwarming 7-word sentence: Always believe and speak things into existence.

Mayweather is often known as ‘Money’ Mayweather because of the money he earns and the luxurious life. We have also seen him spend his money on luxuries. Mayweather has made a lot of money through his fights and busy business ventures to make this money. Similarly, he has an idea that helps him get the job done.

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