In 2023, Floyd Mayweather expects to have a full calendar.

Floyd Mayweather releases the dates and locations of five exhibition contests for 2023

In 2023, Floyd Mayweather expects to have a full calendar. Money has been active but not as a professional boxer after quitting after a knockout victory against Conor McGregor in 2017. In the UK, the legendary undefeated fighter recently made a comeback. Mayweather faced former MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers in the contest, which marked his debut fight in the nation.

In their fight last month, he showed himself to be outmatched. After eight rounds of combat, the fight was declared a no-contest. As the bout was an exhibition, it wasn’t judged, but if it had, Mayweather would have won handily. The former champion is planning to make a comeback shortly after his most recent show.

In fact, Floyd Mayweather appears to be planning a full 2023 schedule. The legend announced his plans to hold five exhibits in five different nations this year in a social media post. These are South Korea, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the United States. Floyd Mayweather doesn’t give a damn about the negative press his recent performances have received. Throughout the past year, there has been a decline in interest in the contests.

Criticism of the event’s attendance

In the UK, the lack of excitement reached a boiling point last month. Even though Mayweather won, the fight itself didn’t make much news. Instead, the lack of fans present at the event was the problem. The O2 Arena appeared to be bad experience for the majority of the people, with only a small number of spectators attending the main event. Floyd Mayweather addressed the paucity of spectators and the criticism of the event’s attendance from the media after the event.

He declared: ”We completed this project in one month, not even four weeks. The ticket sales ought to have started far sooner, in my opinion. My new group is still learning. None of their fault. Whenever we fight in the US, tickets go on sale as soon as we make the announcement. In this case, we publicised the match, but the tickets weren’t available for purchase for another week or two.”

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