Five Reasons Why FITFOREVER is the Best Online Home Workout Program of 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic dictating everyone’s lives over the last nine months, for many people, their workout routines have come to a screeching halt in light of gym closures and social distancing ordinances. As a result, exercise enthusiasts have resorted to online workout solutions that can be performed at home.

But with so many new options that have come about since the onset of the pandemic, it’s hard to know which platform is the best. From Dr. Jeremy James comes FITFOREVER, a newly developed fitness platform that can be utilized from virtually anywhere.

After years of helping patients recover from crippling injuries, regaining body mobility, Dr. James sought to create a platform that he could share with the world by designing workout plans based on a person’s biomechanic capabilities, looking specifically at one’s strengths, and weaknesses. While FITFOREVER is undoubtedly the first of its kind to offer a workout designed with mobility and health in mind, versus common workouts designed to get your heart rate up. “I saw a need to provide consumers with an educational foundation for greater mobility and healthy living,” says Dr. James. “My goal for FITFOREVER is to create a fitness platform backed by and with access to medical professionals so consumers of all ages feel good and remain healthy and fully functional.”

We recently took a look at FITFOREVER’s program, taking into account all of its perks and benefits. Here are the top five reasons why it is currently the best online fitness platform of 2020. 1. Personalization – FITFOREVER’s program begins with personalization as one of its fundamental building blocks for each user’s workout plan. The program is designed based on your goals, fitness level, and the type of equipment available to you. Once your fitness plan is in place, users will access their daily customized program on the platform’s Today’s FIT portal.

By following a program that the FITFOREVER team has designed in a progressive manner, according to one’s fitness level, users will see how their respective programs build off of previous workouts and progress. So for some users, their FITFOREVER journey may begin with getting the basics down and establishing a foundation for fitness. Once this is done, the program will help improve key areas like balance and mobility to ultimately help one become stronger and leaner, experiencing whole-body fitness. 1. Designed by the Experts – While most popular fitness programs boast celebrity trainers and instructors whose bodies clearly indicate that they spend the majority of their time working out, FITFOREVER’s team of experts is made up of doctors, surgeons, Olympic trainers, and physical therapists to name a few. In other words, these experts actually know the human body.

There is no team of experts that can rival the group at FITFOREVER. These people genuinely know how to help you become fit and healthy. With over 50 years of experience combined across the team, FITFOREVER’s training team guides users every step of the way with a key emphasis on form and function. Though some might be familiar with certain exercises, FITFOREVER will help course correct and learn how to properly perform simple movements like squats, planks, lunges and more. So whether you’re a novice in your fitness journey, looking to eliminate pain when performing certain exercises, or if you’re more advanced, FITFOREVER can augment your training by helping you focus on movement, typically not offered in other programs. 1. Simplicity at Its Best— With popular platforms like Crossfit or Peleton constantly promoting their “cool factor,” FITFOREVER’s approach and overall aesthetic is actually refreshing. FITFOREVER is proof that flashy workout clothes and a dark, moody fitness studio class led by chiseled instructors isn’t what will get you fit and healthy. Throughout Dr. James program, all elements are designed to be simple and easy to follow. The simplicity of the design and layout of the app additionally encourages a welcoming, user-friendly interface. FITFOREVER’s instructors are all 40+ years old, focused solely on safety and proper instruction versus hype and adrenaline. Nearly all of FITFOREVER’s workouts are filmed outdoors in Aspen, Colorado, overlooking vast mountainous backdrops. Instead of attempting to curate a hip and trendy workout vibe, FITFOREVER successfully creates a welcoming, relaxing and motivating environment for users to work from. 1. Training for Life, Not Calories – FITFOREVER focuses on how you feel, putting your health and body first, above everything else. More than anything, this expert team prioritizes a users’ before and after feeling, not their before and after photo. While FITFOREVER is constantly celebrating the success and accomplishments of its users, the program’s principles focus on how to get users healthy for life and longevity, not on how to lose 10 pounds before your trip to Cabo. The FITFOREVER approach is on whole-body fitness, preparing members to navigate with mobility and by reducing the risk of injury as they age. And with a recent uptick and emphasis on health and wellness across the nation, FITFOREVER falls in line with promoting a comprehensive approach on health, wellness and fitness. 1. Pricing— Last but not least. FITFOREVER is essentially like having access to a personal trainer 24/7 from the comfort of your home and the perks and benefits far outweigh its humble price point. For either $14.99 a month or $99 a year, users have access to their very own personalized workout plan with a library of workouts and various resources. If any of the previous points haven’t convinced you yet, FITFOREVER’s pricing will. Most private training sessions average around $55 per session. FITFOREVER offers personalized sessions that feel like one-on-one training and can be performed on your own time and from anywhere you like. With such a reasonable pricing, it doesn’t make sense not to try it. Furthermore, the platform additionally offers a seven-day trial for free. If you’re tired of the gimmicky fitness trends that are constantly promoted by the media, FITFOREVER truly is a breath of fresh air, facilitating whole-body health, wellness, and longevity. “Our method is simple,” says Dr. James. “At FITFOREVER, our focus is on building a highly functional body that feels great. Looking good is just a wonderful side effect.” For more information on Dr. James and FITFOREVER, please visit


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