Fit With Cambrie Founder, Cambrie Schroder Is the Role Model We Need News

Fit With Cambrie Founder, Cambrie Schroder Is the Role Model We Need

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Time icon March 29, 2021

         Between our society’s increased use of Instagram during the last year, and the TikTok boom, there has been a rise in the amount of hours spent on (arguably) appearance-based apps, and a correlated rise in digital envy. Influencers and even regular people often display the best on their respective platforms, whether it be their best angle or the highlight of their day or week. This of course breeds jealousy, no matter that the narrative being presented is often a far cry from reality. The facades of “living my best life” and the often perfectly posed—and most likely FaceTuned and filtered—photos that accompany the story present unrealistic expectations and can lead to unhealthy physical, mental, and emotional patterns in viewers. Some girls however are hyper-focused on changing the fake culture, and instead aim to promote healthy habits and mindsets. Cambrie Schroder, founder and face of Fit With Cambrie, is actively pursuing just that.

            Cambrie, who grew up modeling and acting in the Los Angeles entertainment scene, knows the dark side of a glamourized world all too well. Today, she strives to help shift the focus of young girls and women towards health and authenticity. “I want to change the perspective of what is seen as cool and happy—to help change the culture,” she explains. A big part of that is rooted in self-esteem, in how we cultivate it and where it comes from. Through her own platform and that of her business, FWC, she highlights the things that truly matter, and can help transform one’s life for the better in the long term. “I think self-esteem should be based on the value you can add to the world, rather than what you physically look like. I used to base my self-worth on what people were perceiving me as, and now I try to base it on what I can offer to the world. That to me starts with a healthy body and mind,” Cambrie elaborates.

            Through the company she not only creates a community that offers support and encouragement, but real actionable steps to a healthy life for her #armyofangels. FWC is all about showing women that you can be strong and athletic, but still be feminine and yourself. 

Beyond that, the program offers high-quality (and delicious) nutritional supplements, Ebooks and detox guides, branded fitness accessories, and endless inspirational content that is inspired by Cambrie’s own values. FWC really focuses on mindset, something Cambrie learned through her own experience to be the key for transformation.

            Having struggled with depression for several years when she was still living in LA, Cambrie admits that she was operating from a victim-mentality during that period—something that is very common and relatable. However, thanks to a shift in attitude she was able to change her perspective. “I began seeing problems as an opportunity to grow, which helped shift the victim-mentality I was previously operating from,” she explains. As someone who now thrives in challenging situations, Cambrie is making the transition towards professional boxing, which although at first glance seems like an odd choice, is perfectly aligned with her life mantra. “I wanted to commit to something that was not about instant gratification, that you can’t buy or fake—to something that’s about discipline, determination, and hard work,” she adds. Much like the ideals behind FWC, this move is all about being real, commitment to yourself, and about shattering the norms of what pop-culture deems as cool and trendy. 

            With Cambrie’s business and personal journey developing in tandem, she is setting the example for what a positive role model is in today’s often twisted digital world. To find further inspiration from the antithesis to the standard fitness influencer, and to start your own health journey, follow FWC andCambrie’s personal account for a daily dose of authenticity.

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