First Wildcard Revealed For ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5

The promos for The Masked Singer season 5 have confirmed that this is the season for game changers – and now, we know why.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this season’s Masked Singer is the introduction of wild card players. What are wildcards, you ask? Wildcard artists took the place of the third group of competitors this year.

Why Wildcards?

Basically, this secret band of artists will go up and compete with the remaining members of Group A and B – Piglet, Seashell, Robopine, Black Swan, Russian Dolls, Grandpa Monster, Raccoon and Chameleon.

If they happen to play better than the first and B team artists, they will be able to stay. But if they have a slip, they will be removed from the system and forced to “take it off!”

Currently, Masked Singer has released only one wild card. But as the weeks go by, we’ll be sure to update this list with the latest on competing wildcards and top ideas about each artist’s secret. To get you started, here’s what people have to say about the first wild card so far:


who are the wildcard contestants on 'the masked singer'
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First appearance: March 24

Top guesses: Dave Grohl, Gordon Ramsay, Billy Corgan or Kevin Bacon

The Orca’s not going to take it anymore, as the singing whale made very clear while making its season 5 debut. So far, the general consensus seems to be that this is a singer or an actor who can sing really well. Whoever it is, we know from the clues that they got their start in the industry around the age of 25 and delivered their audition tapes in pizza boxes to get noticed — talk about dedication! We bet Orca brings that same level of commitment to The Masked Singer stage from here on out.

Previous Season

The finale of Masked Singer was watched by an average audience of 8.6 million viewers, as per the overnight stats.

That’s the biggest live TV audience for any programme so far this year, outside of news and sport.

The series ended in Feb with pregnant Joss Stone, who has been cunningly disguised as Sausage, who has been named the winner of this year.

The final drew more than 2.2m spectators than last year, which saw Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud triumph.

Saturday’s episode doubled the audience of first episode of the series.

Joss Stone unmasked as Sausage

When asked why she decided to take part in the show, UK soul singer Stone said: “Why not? Life can be too serious.”

“We should wear chips and sausages and sing a song!” add.

The newspaper also revealed how this “addictive success” had already been revived in the third series, with a sister show, The Masked Dancer, on the way too.

James Jackson of The Times also picked up four stars. He noted that the “amazing success” of the program was “no doubt been a symptom of enforced confinement”.

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