“First Look” of The Santa Clauses starring Tim Allen revealed by Disney+

The holiday season is soon going to be around and to make your holidays more special Disney+ is giving you a good surprise to add a cherry on top of your Holidays.

Disney+ has officially released the first photo of a new series titled “The Santa Clauses” starring Tim Allen and other castes which we will reveal to you later.

Tim Allen is set to make his return in yet another holiday series with his comical yet very appealing acting. He is reprising his role as Scott Calvin, who we previously saw in the trilogy holiday previously.

The series will also include other stars who will be the series regulars- Austin Kane, Rupali Redd, Devin Bright, and Kal Penn, who will be seen as the successor of the Santa played by Tim Allen.

Photo credits: Disney +

Synopsis of “The Santa Clauses”

The series follows the story of Scott as a Santa who is always on his journey to fulfill many families’ and kids’ wishes during the holiday season. On his 65th birthday, he realizes that he cannot be Santa forever and has to step down from Santa duties.

He also realizes that he has a family to look after who are based at the Pole and they can be benefitted from normal life in the world. He has got his own familial obligations to introduce his family to non-Santa world life so that they can be a part of it too.

Scott must find a replacement for Santa in order to move his family south of the pole, embark on a new adventure, and start a normal life for them. Scott sets sail on a search to find the best Santa to step into his shoes and handle the numerous requests he gets from various Elves, families, and children.

Allen has won People’s choice awards for playing his role as Scott, who was seen as the new Santa in the 1994 film The Santa Clause, followed by sequels of the same film The Santa Clause 2 in 2002, then  2006’s The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

It would be exciting to see Allen reprising his role as Santa Clause in the upcoming holiday series and it could also possibly make the fans wonder if this would conclude the role of Alan as the beloved Santa CLause or will the fans would get more of his masterpiece role as Santa Clause in the future. The Santa Clauses will be released on Disney+ soon.

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