First Kill: Netflix new age Vampire series getting a season 2?

Netflix has returned with a new show based on vampires called First Kill. The first season of the show premiered on the platform on June 10, 2022, and it is already on the list of most-watched shows on the platform.

Seems like the craze for vampires is not going anytime soon!

As the fans have wholeheartedly welcomed this show to witness another show based on vampires and are wondering if they will get more of the supernatural teen drama.

With the right build-up, the series was showered with love and enthusiasm as to how this show would be in the future. The storyline looked quite promising and has made the audience curious to see more of it.

Looking at such overwhelming reactions from the fans, one of the main leads of the show Sarah Catherine Hook is expecting a season 2 of the show to happen.

In a promotional interview with The Wrap, Sarah revealed her experience working for the show and shared her views on the ending of the season 1,

She said- “I think if you guys would just watch the show and make sure that it is top 10 on Netflix so that we can get to season two, then I’m pretty sure we can come back. So just put it on. Everyone in the world, just put it on your TV and we’ll all be okay. We will be back. Don’t worry.”

Further explaining the ending of the season that led to the parting ways of the couple she said that – “I do think that they will be able to. You know, they’re really young. And I think that it’s just going to take some time,”.

“I think Cal is probably going to try her very best to be the ultimate Monster Hunter. And I think she is going to try to kill Juliette. I think she’s gonna try to kill Juliette a few times. And I think Juliette is gonna fight her too! I’m really kind of hoping for like, you know when it’s a fight and then it kind of gets a little sexy and you’re like, ‘Ah, but I’m still attracted to you!’ you know?”

The season ended with the lead characters, Juliette and Cal, the teenage couple splitting after being strongly involved in a romantic relationship. Sara says that she believes that the characters have a long way to go and they would eventually fix things.

About First Kill

The story is based on two teenagers Juliette and Cal who are in love with one another. Later in the season, the teen couple discovers that one of them is a vampire and the other one is a vampire hunter. Things take a turn from here and it starts affecting their relationship.

Juliette belongs to a royal family and a family of league vampires. Abiding by the laws of her family she has to find a respectful position in the family.

On her way to striving to build a powerful status in her family, she falls in love with Calliope, only to find out that she belongs to a vampire-killing family.

As a result, their relationship becomes complicated because they are a threat to each other.

It would be interesting to see how the story evolves over time and see new characters come to life becoming a part of the series. The series could potentially build a larger fandom for the fans to experience.

To witness the new era teenage Vampire story, you can catch the season 1 of the First Kill on Netflix, streaing now.

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