First HelpCare is one ultimate fundraising platform that is transforming people’s lives. Read to know! News

First HelpCare is one ultimate fundraising platform that is transforming people’s lives. Read to know!

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Time icon July 29, 2021

It is rightly said that every contribution makes a difference. This perfectly makes sense in case of a fundraiser through a fundraising platform. Just like a drop makes an ocean, every small contribution collectively makes a huge amount that can be used for a donation, personal use or to incorporate a business. Among many fundraising platforms, First HelpCare has made its name as a prominent leader all over India.

As its name rightly says it all, the fundraising platform prioritises helping and taking care of those who are in extreme need. Utilizing digital means in the best way possible, First HelpCare has been making an impact on people as well as organisations. Playing a crucial role amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the crowdfunding platform has indeed brought humans closer to each other. In a time when humans are socially distanced, First HelpCare has somehow restored everyone’s faith in humanity.

Much before the COVID-19 crisis, First HelpCare has initiated various campaigns and have raised funds of more than Rs 100 crore. That’s a pretty humongous amount, but that’s what fundraising platforms do. These impressive numbers have not just proved the success of fundraising platforms, but have also restored people’s faith in humanity and philanthropic works. The brainchild behind bringing FirstHelpcare to life is Afzal Anis. With a belief to help millions of people across the globe, First HelpCare’s fundraising mechanism has been a saviour to many people and businesses.

With its operations started in Ranchi, First HelpCare has eventually grown its presence all over India. So far, the fundraising platform has raised funds for various causes including children education, organ donation, meal distribution, donation of medical essentials to healthcare and frontline warriors amid the COVID-19 crisis and many more. Additionally, First HelpCare has been instrumental in raising funds in helping many startups to grow in these challenging times.

Welcoming the digital change, First HelpCare has kept it very easy for people in raising funds. Without any hassle of registration and signing in, one needs to go on their official website and follow the rules to raise funds. In these two years, the fundraising platform has been a ray of hope for people, businesses and charities to raise money for their needs. Growing its presence across India, First HelpCare is also helping a lot of entities across borders as well.

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