Finn Askew Expresses Gratitude Towards BTS' Jungkook & ARMY

Finn Askew Expresses Gratitude Towards BTS’ Jungkook & ARMY

BTS is known for more than their amazing music, they are also known for their energetic dance performances, their personalities, and outstanding music productions. They also encourage other musicians who are talented and give them respect.

After the members of the K-pop band created their own Instagram accounts, they have been constantly sharing things they love. Jungkook shared a song by Finn Askew titled Roses on Instagram a few months back.

Ever since Jungkook shed light on the British musician, a lot of ARMYs have been following him and making him aware of Jungkook’s support. Finn expressed his gratitude to the K-pop idol and the fanbase for their support.

He said, “I would just say, you’re kind of changing my life. They’re so supportive, they’re the craziest fan base you’ll ever meet.”

For the unversed, Finn is a British musician from England. He has amazing vocals that are lent for songs related to love and urban life. The musician, however, chose to train himself after getting bored of conventional ways of learning music.

He did acknowledge in an interview with NME how he owes his popularity to BTS’ Jungkook. Finn shared that he responded to Jungkook sharing his music. He said,

Am I dreaming? Jungkook from BTS.”

The musician also revealed that ARMY sent him supportive messages that melted his heart. He revealed that he woke up and saw 99 requests on his Instagram. Finn instantly knew because it jumped from 10 something to 99. He added that he was half asleep and woke up questioning if it was a dream.

Finn said, “Shout out to Jungkook, he’s supported the thing and done a mazza, so yeah I’m happy about it.” He was also asked what his message for BTS ARMY was. The musician shared that the ARMY was changing his life as they are supportive and the craziest fan base.

He also expressed that they are involved and show love and it feels crazy. Finn adds, “Yeah man, it’s just crazy and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, thank you very much to all the BTS fans for coming through and plugging me up.”

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