Finally! Yumna Zaidi’s Entry In Parizaad, Fans Loving It

With the recent episode of the drama Parizaad aired on Hum Tv, fans are unable to control their emotions. Finally, in the 20th episode Yumna Zaidi made an entry. She is essaying the role of RJ Annie who is a fan of Parizaad and his poetry. Fans are loving the fact that she happened to be the biggest fan of Parizaad who never got his love in his toughest life journey.

Drama serial Parizaad is continuously gaining critical acclaim and success. It is a mega project produced by Hum Television Network. The drama written by very talented writer Hashim Nadeem. It has directed by Shehzad Kashmiri.

The story of the drama revolves around Parizaad, the drama encloses the life journey of Parizaad who is a ‘Hero Figure‘ . Parizaad is emotional, intelligent and a decent guy who is helpful to the society. Fans are becoming curious about the drama more and more. Fans are loving his journey throughout.

Finally! Yumna Zaidi's Entry In Parizaad, Fans Loving It
Finally! Yumna Zaidi's Entry In Parizaad, Fans Loving It

So the much awaited entry of Yumna Zaidi finally happened. And loved by her fans, as RJ Annie who lovingly reads Parizaad’s poetry work. In this episode, Yumna Zaidi was reading Parizaad’s poem which he listened while sitting in his car. Parizaad loved the narration of his words. Fans also came up with memes on Parizaad, they also loved his generosity.

Parizaad -Most Liked Among Fans

Parizaad is one of the most appreciated dramas at the moment. The writer Hashim Nadeem has given us some of the most memorable male leads in the past. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that his new male lead in this drama serial has already won the viewers over within a few weeks!

Parizaad is a young man whose outward appearance does not match his name. In a time when good looks are major criteria for a male lead, Parizaad stands out not only because of his looks which do not fit in the hero criteria but also because of his personality.

Fans are loving the character played by Ahmed Ali Akbar. And now all waiting to see the chemistry between Yumna and Ahmed Ali. Since the begging of this drama series fans are loving its cast, character and OST. Check the top 5 OST of the year 2021.

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