Few Big Bang Theory cast struggled with their cameos, says Kaley Cuoco News

Few Big Bang Theory cast struggled with their cameos, says Kaley Cuoco

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Time icon June 11, 2021

The Big Bang Theory has had its fair share of guests over the years, and according to Kaley Cuoco, some of them struggled with their appearances. From the start of the sitcom till its ending after 12 seasons in 2019, the actor played major character Penny. Cuoco featured in every episode of The Big Bang Theory, which meant she interacted with the majority of the performers that featured in cameos on the show.

The Big Bang Theory was a consistent ratings victory for CBS during its run. While the chemistry between the Pasadena gang was always the show’s main draw, it also took advantage of any narrative chance to bring in a guest star. Over the years, The Big Bang Theory has included several of the celebrity guests, including Mark Hamill and William Shatner from the Star Wars franchise, as well as true scientists like Stephen Hawking.

While they all did a fantastic job in their limited roles on the show, Cuoco admitted that not everyone was happy with their parts due to their working atmosphere.

Kaley Explained

The Significant Bang Theory actress linked with Elizabeth Olsen, who had just had her first big experience shooting a sitcom through WandaVision, through Variety’s Actors On Actors series. Despite her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, alternating starring Michelle Tanner on Full House, Olsen grew up visiting the set.

Cuoco, who has appeared in a few of them, agreed with Olsen that filming in front of a live studio audience is a very different experience. As a result, numerous classic dramatic actors who joined The Big Bang Theory first failed to find their feet. 

Sitcoms Aren’t Easy

In her talk with Olsen, Cuoco didn’t mention anyone by name. Her remarks, however, make no mention of any of the guest stars that appeared on The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco was clearly just pointing out that, contrary to popular belief, sitcoms aren’t easy to produce, especially for actors who aren’t used to the format.

Her words are meant to support Olsen’s views rather than to attack any of the dramatic actors who featured on the popular CBS series. Plus, given how many guest stars on The Big Bang Theory have received critical praise, it’s obvious that most of them finally sorted out in the end.

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