Feroze Khan And Ushnah Shah Dating? Dubai Vacation Sparks Rumours

The popular actors of Lollywood, Ushnah Shah and Feroze Khan have been making headlines for the past few days. They are starring together in ARY Digital drama Habs, along with Saba Faisal, Shazia and Irsa. Indeed, their on-screen chemistry is loved by millions on YouTube.

As of now, 11 episodes are out and the 12th will be aired on Tuesday. But, few people dislike the Habs couple enjoying off-screen time together in Dubai during a vacation. For the unversed, Feroze Khan is a famous face in the Pakistani film industry. He is always in news for relationships, commercials and drama choices. He is really one kind of actor. Feroze Khan grabbed attention for his work in Ishqiya, Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 and his latest drama Aye Musht E Khaak.

Talking about Ushnah Shah, she proved her acting in Balaa starring Bilal Abbas Khan and many more. Her fans love her projects, likewise, she has already done many hit dramas. Both the actors, Ushnah and Feroze Khan knew for their bold personalities.

While Habs is their first project together, fans are loving them as they have strong chemistry. Before airing the show, they spotted together on the trailer launch, after which netizens speculated about their dating. However, Ushnah’s pictures with a friend debunked the rumours but now fans are again inquisitive about them.

Feroze and Ushnah Enjoying Vacation Together

Now, the pictures from Dubai surfaced on the internet and set a debate among the fans. The video and pictures together from Dubai have rose a lot of questions regarding them. People are questioning Feroze Khan in the comment section that why her wife Alizeh is not accompanying her on the trip.

Another fan said that there is something special between them as previously, in an event they weren’t letting each other go and now they are vacationing together. Fans were completely against Ushnah and Feroze Khan vacationing together. One fan said that probably Ayesha and Basit have come on their honeymoon after getting married in drama while mentioning their character names.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.