FaZe Jarvis Challenges Dubai’s Richest Influencer Moneykicks For A Boxing Match

The influencer boxing trend has been picking up momentum throughout 2021.

With the Battle of Platforms event in early 2021 that saw YouTubers pitted against TikTokers in the boxing ring, to the most selling Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley fight, the world of influencer boxing leveled up this year.

FaZe Jarvis Calls Out Moneykicks

We also saw Dubai’s richest influencer Rashed Belhasa aka Moneykicks make his debut as a boxer. He fought and won against Anas ElShayib in the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai.

And guess what? It seems like Moneykicks has a new challenge to live up to now. The Dubai influencer and YouTuber has been challenged by former FaZe Clan member Jarvis for a boxing match.

FaZe Jarvis had a boxing match against Michael Le in June 2021 and ended up winning the fight. When asked about who is next on his hit list, he said ‘definitely it’s gonna be Moneykicks’.

Rashed Belhasa aka Moneykicks Responds

Moneykicks has responded to FaZe Jarvis calling him out publicly. He took to Instagram and said ‘Lets Do It’.

Rashed Belhasa has also sent out an official tweeg responding to FaZe Jarvis’ challenge.

‘I am ready when you are kid. I’ll knock you out in front of your hometown or here in Dubai in front of your faze friends and family. Call us when you’re serious and ready to go.’

Courtesy: thebreadbatchtbb Instagram

It seems like Moneykicks is not the least hesitant to get in the boxing ring with FaZe Jarvis and maintain his boxing win streak.

The YouTuber rose to fame with his luxurious lifestyle and sports car collection and eventually started his own YouTube channel that has over 3 million subscribers today.

Who do you think will if Moneykicks Vs FaZe Jarvis happens? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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