Fawad Khan Share Untold Stories on #10yearsofHumsafar

Indeed it was good 10 years ago when mega-hit drama Humsafar aired on HUM TV, starring Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan in the lead roles and made all across the Urdu drama fans world.
Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, the drama made headlines worldwide. Drama later made its way to channels in the UK, India, and MBC Bollywood in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
Humsafar is currently streaming on Netflix. It is one of the first Pakistani dramas which is available on an International mega online platform.

Humsafar | HUMTV

Some untold stories by Fawad Khan

While interacting on social media platforms, stars often have question answers session. And much awaited of all is Khan sharing some cute stuff from Humsafars set. Fans interacted with Fawad, asked quesntions on Ashar habbits of drinking coffee without sugar and why Ashar didnt read the letters before..?

Humsafars? Drop them here

Talking about the naughtiest people on set Fawad Khan said that Behroze Sabzwari and Atiqa Odho were the funniest and naughtiest people on the set of Hamsafar.

Fawad Khan Shared Some Untold Facts About Hamsafar
Fawad Khan | Instagram

Another thing that got famous about Hamsafar was the habit of Ashar Hussian drinking coffee without sugar. Fawad said that in real life he doesn’t drink sugar in coffee.

Fawad Khan Shared Some Untold Facts About Hamsafar
Fawad Khan | Instagram

He shared that they used to shoot 15 scenes for one episode. Talking about the most asked question that why didn’t Ashar read the letter earlier, Fawad said that if he would have done that, the drama’d end in 10 episodes. Fawad said that he doesn’t remember getting his hair and makeup done during Hamsafar.

About his co-actors, he said that they stay in touch and meet occasionally.

Fawad Khan Shared Some Untold Facts About Hamsafar
Fawad Khan | Instagram

Fawad as Ashar with Mahira

Ashar’s father gets him married to Khirad in order to bring her into his family. Ashar’s mother doesn’t give this marriage her blessing. When the couple gets married, they don’t get along at all as Khirad thinks she has been robbed of her dignity and Ashar feels she’s too stoic and silent. Eventually, through conversations and dates, they get along well and fall in love with each other.

Tragedy strikes their lives when Ashar’s father passes away and his mother starts plotting against Khirad and plans to make Ashar believe that his wife is having an affair with another man.

Once a loving and caring husband, he suddenly turns into a bitter man, and this is where all the toxicity starts. When Khirad tells him that she loves him and that there is no other man in her life besides him, he mellows down.


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