Farhan Saeed & Hania Drama, Mere Humsafar Is Trending For All The Right Reasons

Are you too enjoying Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir’s onscreen romance as Hamza and Hala? Indeed, ARY’s digital ongoing drama Mere Humsafar is trending for all the right reasons. But after watching an episode of this super hit drama, we often land up in questions. Like, is Shah Jahan’s anger justified over the re-arrangement of home decor? Or Is it possible to get a life partner like Hamza?

Mere Humsafar: This Pakistani drama began with Hala coming to her Grandma’s house when she was seven, against her will. In the background, we clearly saw a rift between the grandma and Shah Jahan. Also, she does not care about Hala and her feelings, so before his son, Hamza comes back from abroad. She planned for Hala to get married. But fortunately, she fails to do so. Followed by Hamza marrying Hala, for some good reasons. The romance between the two is loud and clear.

So, the drama highlights are like a lifetime of negativity from Shah Jahan’s side for Hala. Indeed, this negativity can drown a personality, the power of love and hate is that strong. However, genuine relationships can be overwhelming and can fill positivity in one’s life. In the latest episode of Mere Humsafar, Hamza helps Hala in planning her education and meeting her father. He encourages her to study and plans to take her to London serving up major husband goals, And we’re just so happy that the writer & director slipped that one into the story.

Applauses For Hamza!

Farhan Saeed did all the justice with his role in Mere Humsafar. As Hamza keeps patience with both Hala and his mom. As much as we’re loving this side of his personality, do we feel sometimes that it’s too good to be true? And is that because of all the negative husband roles we have been made to watch earlier? Or we should wait for Khurram to play his hidden card. This act might reveal Hamza’s other side.

Mere Humsafar Is True?

Indeed, the drama is a modern version of some old classics. The storyline is progressive, it’s beyond, betrayal, revenge, dark secrets and crime. For instance, Sameen, we are proud that she was relieved and moved on. And is giving her best to pull herself and her parents out of marriage pressure. She did not become an annoying villain as of now.

Though, Khurram has some dark plans against Hala’s happiness, which will be brought up in the next episode, So let’s wait for that.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.