Fans Worried After NCT127’s Taeyong Reveals Leg Paralysis News

NCT127’s Taeyong revealed on the February 2 episode of the YouTube vlog GYM JONG KOOK that he suffers from a bad back that frequently causes excruciating pain and has left him paralysed in the legs.

Taeyong, Jungwoo, and Jaehyun from NCT 127 attended the programme as special guests in order to pick Kim Jong-brain. kook’s It is the personal YouTube channel of a fitness blogger and trainer who focuses on providing workout advice to guests on his show.

Fans wished that the agency would give the NCT127 idol some time to rest when they learned of their sad condition, and one fan tweeted:

“pls take care taeyong”

Fans could not stop worrying about Taeyong of NCT127 after it was revealed that the idol was suffering from dangerous consequences due to his severe back pain. Following his admission that the pain had rendered his legs paralysed, fans took to social media to argue that it wasn’t a recent pain but rather the result of years of ignoring problems.

Fans have been talking about how NCT127’s Taeyong has experienced back pain on numerous occasions, whether it be during a concert, practise session, or exiting the airport. The idol requires more pillows even when relaxing with the group to adjust his posture.

Taeyong frequently uttered the Korean word for discomfort or pain, aegyo, as he struggled to stand up due to his back injury and associated problems while performing difficult tasks at variety shows or programmes.

NCT127’s Taeyong has frequently stated that he wears a neck protector due to an old neck injury and that idols must always wear them due to constant dancing practise and insufficient rest. Fans are requesting that SM Entertainment give the idol some downtime and release him or her from excessive workload.

NCT members revealed that GYM JONG KOOK is the first person they have chosen to promote their newly repackaged album, Ay-Yo, when they first appeared on the programme. On the show, the idol performed numerous exercises and workouts, and despite occasionally becoming exhausted, he persisted in trying to gauge his level of strength.


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