Fans Wonder If JHOPE of BTS, ROSÉ of BLACKPINK, and NAYEON of TWICE Were At The Same Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Restaurant

Famous Korean-born French Chef Pierre Sang’s Instagram stories had various kpop fandoms buzzing with excitement yesterday. From JHOPE of BTS, ROSÉ of BLACKPINK, soloist Somi, LISA of BLACKPINK, to NAYEON of TWICE, and JISOO of BLACKPINK… his Instagram updates included a variety of super famous kpop idols. It was apparent from the chef’s posts that the pictures that he shared with LISA, JISOO, and SOMI were from YG’s blacklabel studio, it was something fans were quick to notice. But some fans also noticed that it appears as though ROSÉ, NAYEON, and JHOPE are at the same dinner party at the new Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Restaurant.

A person looking from afar may think that kpop fandoms, especially kpop fandoms of the biggest three groups in kpop: BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE, are sworn enemies. But when you take a closer look, you can see how it’s not always like that. There’s some healthy competition always going on but besides that most fandoms get along well and are even excited to see their favorites at the same place at the same time… because it doesn’t really happen very often, especially with big groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

From the background in the pictures one can easily conclude that the pictures were taken at the same place… but nothing is confirmed about the timing. It is possible that the pictures were taken at different times, but posted together. But even the slightest possibility that their favourites somehow got to meet or see each other has fans extremely excited and happy.

as you can see in the below tweets:

The chef is wearing the same clothes in all three pictures with ROSÉ, NAYEON, and JHOPE which further adds to the excitement of fans, however in the most likely scenario, it will never be confirmed if they were at the same place at the same time. To add context, NAYEON visited the Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Restaurant last week, so it’s likely all three pictures were taken at different times.

NAYEON is gearing up for her solo debut on June 24. BTS are also releasing a new album in about three weeks, while nothing for new music from BLACKPINK has been confirmed yet.

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