Fans Want To See Joe Rogan And Jake Paul MMA Fight In The Octagon

Joe Rogan is the most successful podcast host in the world. His show ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ was started back in 2009 and today, is regarded as the most successful podcast in the world.

Joe Rogan is known for his straight forward and outright attitude. In his podcast, he invites a lot of guests from different industries and discusses topics surrounding current affairs, comedy, fashion, career, politics, and more.

Joe Rogan And The UFC

However, apart from being the host of an elite podcast, the 54-year-old has also made it a point to remain physically active and kicking. He has also become synonymous to the UFC and MMA fights since he has been the commentator for many fights in the UFC.

Joe Rogan also holds two black belts in two different forms of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The star recently took to his Instagram handle to share a video of him doing some MMA training and practicing some brutal and killer ‘perishable skills’.

Since Joe Rogan posted the training video, fans have been going crazy and soliciting for a Joe Rogan Vs Jake Paul MMA fight in the Octagon cage.

Joe Rogan Vs Jake Paul In UFC?

Paul has become the focus of numerous MMA legends since his viral KO victory over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. He’s raised a lot of eyebrows, from fellow competitors calling him out to UFC President Dana White himself.

According to speculations, Paul could make his MMA debut in the PFL.

Comments under the video of Joe Rogan included:

“Jake Paul has been real quiet since this came out!”. Another fan wrote “Joe Rogan vs Jake Paul, MMA three five-minute rounds, lets go. “Dana White is going to sign Joe rogan to fight Jake Paul after seeing this,” added another impressed viewer.

Watch the original video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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