Fans Want Less Air-Time For Logan As He Returns For The Bachelorette 'Men Tell All'

Fans Want Less Air-Time For Logan As He Returns For The Bachelorette ‘Men Tell All’

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Logan Palmer had a lot of explaining to do. He shared his thoughts on everything as he took the hot seat in front of Jesse Palmer on Men Tell All special.

The special seemed more of a commercial strategy for the Bachelor in Paradise, Billy Eichner’s film Bros, and Virgin Voyages cruise service. It began with Rachel going to Salem, Massachusetts to meet Aven. Both of them had dinner with his parents after their weird voyage to adore a witch named Lorelai.

Both Aven’s parents adored Rachel despite her being extremely anxious. The night ended with Aven confessing his love for Rachel. As all the hometowns were completed, it was time for the men to confess and tell it all.

Logan was slammed for switching from Team Rachel to Team Gabby but he refused to apologize. He said that he saw two wonderful people and felt more moved by one connection. The Bachelorette alum further shared that he thought there was potential in the other one which he did not see before.

Logan admitted that he should have done things differently from the start after accepting to compete for Rachel’s love. “Looking back, after Rachel gave me the rose, I would’ve liked to pull them both aside and said, ‘I am very open to exploring things with Rachel, but I have to be honest, the connection that moved me was with Gabby,'” he added.

Logan realized it wasn’t going to work out after giving Rachel a chance and stated it was a constant battle between two things. He said it was about him not wanting to make these women’s journey, which seemed difficult versus him following his heart.

Logan Goes Missing & Is A Part of Bachelor In Paradise

But things turned out worse when Logan accepted Rachel’s rose with the intention of talking to Gabby. He said he accepted a rose because he saw a connection with Gabby. Palmer further shared that if it seems like a terrible move, he was okay with it because he thinks it is worth exploring if it’s about spending his life with someone.

But Jordan wasn’t convinced as he said he thinks in his mind, he felt Rachel was not into him and went to the other option thinking he could stay longer. However, Logan stood firm in his statement because as per him it was not manipulative. He also added that the misinformation he gave Rachel was unintentional.

Palmer was asked if he regretted switching sides but he said he should have done it more gracefully. However, he admitted that he does not regret going for Gabby. Logan got what he wanted which is a skit on ‘Bachelor in Paradise!

Fans took to social media to express their thoughts which is the show not addressing Logan’s exit. A user asked how did he get a hot seat and not address his “covid ordeal”. Another user pointed out that the alum thinks he is way cuter than he actually is.

Yet another user demanded the show address the conspiracy. The user asked if Logan actually had COVID or if there was a conspiracy. A user went on to say Logan should not get more airtime because nobody likes him.

But a fan came ahead to defend him and said what he did was no crime. The fan reminded viewers that all of Clare’s men switched to Tayshia’s side. Another viewer deemed him as the “villain” of the tell-all.

The Bachelorette airs every Monday at 8pm on ABC.


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