Fans Want Lady Gaga To Win Oscar For Joker 2 Already

Fans Want Lady Gaga To Win Oscar For Joker 2 Already

For a couple of months now, there have been speculations regarding Lady Gaga playing a role in Joker 2. The singer has finally confirmed her involvement in the sequel to the superhit movie.

She confirmed the news with a musical teaser on Twitter and captioned it, “Joker: Folie a Deux. The actress will be starred alongside the main lead Joaquin Phoenix. Fans have been highly anticipating the sequel to Joker which broke global box office records back in 2019.

But ever since there have been rumors about Gaga’s appearance in Joker, fans have been looking forward to Phoenix and her chemistry on-screen. The sequel is expected to release on October 4, 2024. This movie will hit theatres five years after its original in 2019.

The short teaser barely shows us a glimpse of the two together. It begins with Joaquin’s name followed by his silhouette dancing. After that, Gaga’s name appears as she also dances to the background music. This has definitely raised fans’ excitement to watch the two together.

The teaser successfully captures our attention with dance, fun, and a sense of mystery. Following Gaga’s announcement on Twitter, fans have been thrilled for her. A user wrote that they want Gaga to win an Oscar for this. While another user shared that she is the most talented and versatile entertainer.

Another user claimed they do not know what will happen in their life but they will be sticking around for the next two years and two months to see Gaga in Joker 2. A fan also said that they get disappointed whenever they think Gaga’s career has peaked.

While another said there was no way to make the sequel more exciting than to say Gaga will be Harley Quinn and that it’s a musical. Many others echoed these sentiments.


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