Fans Think Jimin Will Be The Next BTS Member To Make His Solo Debut; Here’s Why

Jimin may be the next member of the group to release his album, according to the fans, who appear to have spotted a convincing clue.

The oldest individual in the group, Jin, enrolled in the military on December 13. For their oldest hyung’s goodbye, the other members also made their way to the venue and shared OT7 photos with fans. Jimin’s bleached hair that protruded from under his beanie caught the attention of fans, who are certain that he may be the next to release his solo album. So far three BTS members have made their solo debuts – j-hope, Jin, and RM.

The possibility of the Serendipity singer’s upcoming maiden solo album release excites fans:

“I’m not ready for blonde solo debut Jimin and neither are you”

“The way in which Jimin does not need to do absolutely anything to be a trend, simply his presence is already a trend. That is the result of the power that Jimin has and how much we miss him. Jimin is the trending King”

“Can’t believe Jimin could be making his solo debut with iconic orange hair”

jimin blonde hair hes having his solo debut next”

Some fans are speculating that the idol may be sporting the new appearance for both a magazine photo session or a brand endorsement. Fans are nonetheless aware that a change in a member’s hair colour typically denotes the impending release of new songs.

Others think the singer’s appearance has something to do with his impending project with Taeyang from BIGBANG. This surprise discovery has generated a lot of attention among fans, despite the fact that there is no confirmation on that front either.

Due to his personal schedule, Jimin of BTS was seen leaving for New York on December 6 at Seoul’s Incheon airport. The singer for Filter has maintained a modest presence on social media and has only shared content on special occasions like a bandmate’s birthday or the release of their album. Fans were thrilled to see him out and about again, but many were confused as to why he was coming to New York.

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