Fans Theorize BLACKPINK's Jisoo Will Have Fairytale Wedding In Snowdrop

Fans Theorize BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Will Have Fairytale Wedding In Snowdrop

Despite the fact that Snowdrop has only aired half of its episodes, many fans are concerned that the main couple Young Ro (BLACKPINK’s Jisoo) and Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) would have a terrible ending. Fans’ greatest want is for the two to live until the final episode, as a happy ending seems surreal.

However, in the recent behind-the-scenes footage, eagle-eyed fans have detected a specific feature of Jisoo’s clothing and believed that the main couple will end up together in the finale of Snowdrop. Jisoo was wearing a jacket that obscured her character’s clothing but revealed the fabric, neck design, and sleeves. Many viewers believe Jisoo is dressed in a white lace bridal gown.

Many fans assumed Snowdrop would end with a fairy wedding before learning this minor detail because the couple met in front of a wedding dress shop in the first episode. When the audience sees this moment, they believe it is not a coincidence but rather a foreshadowing of the young couple’s future. Of course, it’s just speculation.

As calls to cancel Snowdrop reach new heights, JTBC has finally published a statement on the subject. Since its summary was revealed, the show has been beset by criticism and charges of historical forgery. Snowdrop and JTBC were accused of displaying an alternate version of history, catering to the right-wing public, during a volatile moment in Korea’s history, the 1987 Presidential elections.

Despite JTBC’s initial denials and claims that no distortions would be made, the first two shows showed a different picture. A group of Korean viewers started a nationwide Blue House petition on December 18 asking JTBC to cease airing Snowdrop.

The fact that the male lead, Su Ho, played by Jung Hae In, was a real North Korean spy posing as a student activist; according to these viewers, was a slap in the face to all those innocent students and activists. They were wrongly suspected of being spies and tortured and executed as a result. The use of a patriotic hymn drew criticism as well.

The petition had surpassed 300,000 signatures as of December 21. Several sponsors and brands have withdrawn out of Snowdrop as a result of the scandal, alleging they were not shown the script before the show aired.

Snowdrop airs every Saturday, Sunday on jTBC.

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