Fans Spot Lisa of BLACKPINK With Chiquita and Pharita of BABYMONSTER In Old Pictures

Chiquita and Pharita of BABYMONSTER are set to join Lisa as the only Thai artists under YG Entertainment. Lisa left her home country as a kid to achieve her dream of becoming a star in a foreign nation. Lisa knows from her personal experience how hard things can be and has made sure to make the Thai members of YG’s new girl group feel comfortable and supported.

Last year Lisa had revealed in her interview with Rolling Stone that she became close with a Thai trainee for YG’s New GG and that she also guided and supported her in her journey.

“There is a Thai trainee that reminds me of when I was young,” Lisa said. “I’m trying to take care of her. It’s not so much about giving advice. We eat together, and go shopping. She’s 17 and has been here for nearly two years. I asked her once, “Is there anything you’re struggling with?” And she started to cry. “I want to dance like you, unni, but I’m so bad, and I’m so sad about that.” I just tell her, “Keep practicing!” she concluded.

Fans have now spotted Lisa with both Thai YGNGG members in old pictures from October 2021. Checkout some fan reactions to the pictures:

“She’s taking care of them I can’t with her kindness”

“Lisa with her two daughters… hanging out, feeding/treating them, having fun together.”

“Wow Lisa from being the maknae and now the Unnie of the two”

“hmm, so the rumor that she went out for a vlog is a docu thing for ngg thai members.”

Some fans also pointed out that this outing was during Lisa’s solo era. The Thai idol made her solo debut in September 2021.

“She was supposed to be promoting her album this time instead she’s here giving everyone a big promo. YG really took Lisa’s popularity for granted but never treated her much deserved treatment.”

“I like it when Lisa‘s interacting and taking care of her Hoobaes coz it shows how kind and sweet Lisa is as a person but I hate the fact that YG has to exploit everything Lisa does…”

“I’m speechless.. This was during her solo era right? You mean to tell me that she can’t promote her solo, do variety show for herself but is asked to work for the trainees”

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