Fans Show Support For IVE’s Wonyoung After She Reveals Emotional Messages

On January 4, 2023, the IVE singer wrote some words on the artist-fan messaging app UNIVERSE, which led to the trending phrase “Forever with Wonyoung” on Twitter.

Fans of Wonyoung became concerned about her after the messages struck them as being unexpected. The 18-year-old star was the target of several internet criticisms, some of which grew stronger over time.

The IVE singer wrote in the text that having her “unnies” (a word of respect for older women) at her side gave her courage. Fans posted supportive messages to the IVE singer on Twitter in an effort to cheer her up despite their concerns over the text’s mysterious nature.

Wonyoung Trends Globally:

Supporting their celebrities through times of anxiety is a major concern for K-pop fans, and they take it seriously. Fans of IVE, known as DIVEs, recently showered Wonyoung, an 18-year-old member, with support on Twitter.

The IVE singer expressed her gratitude to the individuals who encouraged and supported her in a number of messages on UNIVERSE on January 4. She said that she supports them as well:

“It gives me strength to know that I have an unnie who cheers me on, I have an unnie, I bet you’re jealous”

“Unnie, now you can say the same to people who give you a difficult time, Say it with me, I have Wonyoung, I bet you’re jealous”

Fans questioned whether the star had read any of the internet debates or hate speech directed towards her after reading the notes. The most recent instance included Wonyoung and Leeseo, who on December 31 at the 2022 MBC Gayo Dajejeon were allegedly accused of lip-syncing their rendition of IU’s Strawberry Moon.

Although it is unclear what prompted the IVE singer to post such words, fans flooded social media with encouraging comments under the hashtag #WeLoveYouWonyoung. One admirer observed that the singer’s late-night messages to her followers, in which she encouraged them, were “a bit odd.”


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