Fans Share Their Emotions And Favorite Scenes As Drama Raqeeb Se Comes To An End News

Fans Share Their Emotions And Favorite Scenes As Drama Raqeeb Se Comes To An End

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Time icon May 27, 2021

Raqeeb Se was one of the most anticipated dramas of the industry this year as legendary singer Hadiqa Kiani made her acting debut.

The drama, right from the beginning had attracted viewers in large numbers. Raqeeb Se has something to offer other than the common drama stories out there.

Veteran Bee Gull wrote the story, directed by Kashif Nisar and produced under the auspices of MD Productions.

Solid Storyline

The characters, the well-thought out storyline, the delivery of the dialogues, the directing, and whatnot, everything went well throughout the drama.

Raqeeb Se is indeed the jack of all trades when it comes to modern Pakistani dramas. All the actors who were part of the drama gained critical business fame for their cast spells.

Plot Of The Drama

The television series is centred around Sakina, who leaves her home with her daughter, Ameera fleeing from her husband due to him domestically abusing her.

She seeks shelter at her former lover Maqsood Sahab’s house and their love story is so tragic and interesting that his wife Hajra, and daughter, Insha know it by heart.

Hajra consoles Sakina and takes care of her and her daughter while Insha considers it as a injustice for her mother.

The Final Episode

Raqeeb Se is now finally gone.

Raqeeb Se ended up and people who were emotionally attached to it said that they are going to miss it. Whereas some said that whatever happened to Sakina was unfair. Rest all got emotional while watching it.

Let’s have a look at what people have to say about the last episode of Raqeeb Se:

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