Fans See Similarities Between Blackpink's Jennie, FreeZia & Noze

Fans See Similarities Between Blackpink’s Jennie, FreeZia & Noze

The hottest female celebs in Korea right now are BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Single’s Inferno competitor FreeZia (Song Ji A), and dancer Noze. Jennie is a part of the global girl group BLACKPINK, so her fame is evident, but FreeZia and Noze have had an equally significant impact.

These three girls have a similar appearance: lovely face, stunning figure, sophisticated atmosphere, and especially “cute and seductive” vibes like a cat, according to Korean netizens.


Since her debut, Jennie has been dubbed a trailblazer among Korean celebs. For a reason, Jennie is known as BLACKPINK’s representative member and one of Korea’s most prominent beauty and fashion idols. “YG princess” has the chilly, classy, and elegant qualities that YG is known for, but she’s also charming and feminine.

Jennie, who doesn’t have a V-line face or a high nasal bridge, is yet stunning in her own right and stands out for her distinct aura. It’s easy to see how Jennie became Asia’s top “IT Girl” with her signature “dumpling” cheeks, unique facial features that defy Korean beauty norms, and an incredible body that lets her look fantastic in any outfit.


In the last few weeks, Single’s Inferno has been the most popular reality dating show. Female YouTuber FreeZia, whose real name is Song Ji A, is the “main character” who gets the focus. These days, FreeZia has been the centre of interest on social media. She is as well-known as any celebrity or actress.

Song Ji A is well-known for her attractive, stylish doll-like face with cat-like eyes, beautiful figure, and fashionable outfits. Everyone is captivated by Ji A because of her luxurious lifestyle, lovely attitude, and open nature toward men. She also bears a striking resemblance to both Jennie and Jang Won Young.


Noze is a well-known female dancer who raised a stir when she performed as a backup dancer in EXO Kai’s music video. She earned a large fan following and established herself as a new entertainment star and beauty symbol in Korea as a result of the show Street Woman Fighter. Because of her youthful, bright, and sumptuous attractiveness, Noze attracts a lot of attention. The female dancer has become a trending subject on social media, with many netizens admiring her for being not only talented, confident, but also attractive and fashionable.

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