Fans Say That Salman Khan Did Not Kiss Disha Patani In Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai

Salman Khan’s eagle-eyed fans have found that there is much more to the scene from the trailer of his upcoming film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. The scene shows Salman apparently kissing his co-star, Disha Patani, on the lips. But the actor had a long ‘no-kissing on screen’ policy with his films. Has the streak been broken?

‘Streak Is Unbroken’

After the trailer first appeared last week, many people wondered if Salman had finally violated his policy, but some netizens online found that Disha was having a piece of cello tape pasted on her lips, while the trailer showed otherwise.

After brightening up the shot in question, one fan wrote on Twitter. “So this is just a comedy scene jaha Disha k muh mein tape laga hua hai….. Streak is unbroken.” Another fan commented, “Kal hi bola tha Disha k lips pe tape hai, cheat kiss hai (I told you it was a cheat kiss, Disha’s face was taped). Salman bhai nhi kren gy on screen kiss Qk ek dfa jo bhai ne commitment krdi phr toh woh apne ap ki b nhi sunte (Salman will never kiss on screen, because he has made the commitment).” Others wondered if the tape on Disha’s character’s mouth had a narrative explanation. “She is kidnapped,” one person speculated.

Why Does Salman Khan Avoid Kissing On-Screen?

In an interview with India Today, Salman had stated that the reason he was not okay with on-screen kissing was that he was ‘not comfortable with them at all.

He added, “When we were always watching movies with the family and then kisses came, everyone used to look away. And it used to be weird and uncomfortable. Even in Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), the close scenes were not straightforward. Trend has changed, but I’m still not comfortable. I make movies, I want the family to watch it. The maximum that happens is I remove my shirt. Might have a few naughty jokes in my dialogues but you will never see a lovemaking scene.”

The topic was also mentioned in the episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, featuring Salman and his brother, Arbaaz. When Kapil asked him about the discomfort in these scenes, he replied, “Dekho kiss toh main karta nahi screen pe toh mujhe toh koi farak padta nai (Look, I do not kiss anyone on the screen so it does not matter to me).” Arbaaz entered, “Woh itna kar lete hain off-screen ki on-screen zaroorat hi nahi padti (He does this many times off-screen, not required anymore on the screen)

Radhe is scheduled to launch an Eid cross-platform. Salman also finished recording Antim: The Last Truth, and was expected to start working on Tiger 3, before the second wave of the epidemic.

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