Fans React With Excitement After Calvin Klein’s Creative Global Head Follows BTS Jungkook On Instagram

Cedric Murac, the executive vice president and global head of creative at Calvin Klein, began following BTS Jungkook on Instagram on January 30, 2023, which inevitably led to rumours of a potential partnership between Calvin Klein and Jungkook.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to see which brand JK will collab with, after Jimin became the Dior global ambassador, j-hope attended various fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week for brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès, and Suga began an official association with Valentino.

Fans are very excited after these rumors as BTS Jungkook has been remarkably inactive since sending BTS Jin off for his required military service in December.

Fans Reactions

Fans experienced a wave of emotions after hearing the news as they speculated about the potential outcomes of this collaboration. Fans are very eager to see what BTS Jungkook has in store for them with his new endeavour, including brand campaigns and photoshoots.

“i’m apologizing now for the person i will become if jungkook x calvin klein happens”

“The last time Jungkook was followed by FIFA Officials came Jungkook x FIFA after, I’m not saying Jungkook x Calvin Klein but yeah, that’s what I’m saying”

“jennie is a global ambassador of ck. jungkook x ck deal secured? please give me them in a photoshoot together please please please calvin klein i’ll literally collapse”

“If Jungkook x Calvin Klein ends up being real I’ll become a diff person. Like things will change inside of me & no one will be able to understand it. It will be me before vs me after that collab.”

“if jungkook really becomes global ambassador of calvin klein then i’m buying calvin next day after announcement,,, i don’t have money so i’ll ask my besties encetee to pretend as if they’re BTS and to get me some underwears for free”

Fans have also been waiting for this collaboration for years because BTS Jungkook has been a consistent Calvin Klein customer and ardent fan, unintentionally promoting the brand on several occasions.

If this collab ends up happening, Jungkook will join Jennie of BLACKPINK who has been with Calvin Klein since 2021.


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