Fans React On Cardi B Face Tattoo, Have A Look

As always Cardi B has taken the internet on storm while dropping about her latest tattoo. No, it’s not her first creative on the body, she has very beautiful artwork done before. So, her debuted first face tattoo video went viral and here are some fans’ reactions. Scroll down to read further.

The 29 years old, mom of one baby boy, Cardi B got her first face tattoo and fans can’t keep her calm. Fans’ got some mixed reactions and they are sharing their thoughts over the internet. The American rapper got her tattooed by artist Robinson De Los Santos. Robin posted a video on Instagram where she sat back and let him put the fresh red ink near her jawline.

The video reveals her face having letters as Cardi near the jawline in the small clip shared by the artist. Fans were quick to respond with their opinion in the comments section. One of the users wrote, “OMG not a good move… I love Cardi B trust.. NEVA the face takes away ya beauty”. Another user wrote, “Why, don’t mess up your face with tats your body ok but not the face”.

Well, few among them favoured her choice and felt the complete opposite as they praised the artist for expressing herself the way she wanted. One fan in her support said, “Her body her choice y’ll buggin and what she does doesn’t even affect your daily life”. Indeed, fans were impressed by her way of taking the pain.

Cardi B’ Tattoo

In March 2022, Cardi B posted some crazy snaps in a bikini while showing off her body tattoo. Likewise, she showed off some side boob in a revealing bikini top, grey sweatpants, and huge sunglasses. However, completing the look with her iconic flowing mane of red hair, Cardi B proved whether out on the town or relaxing in a private bathroom, she never stops making moves.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.