Alexa Bliss

Fans Of Alexa Bliss Receive Heartbreaking News, As She Provides A Troubling Mental Health Update

On occasion, social media wrestling fans can be bad for the wrestlers. Some celebrities, like Alexa Bliss recently, choose to stop using social media as a coping mechanism. She took significant action as a result of the recent online abuse she received as “The Harley Quinn of WWE.”

The 31-year-old WWE superstar undoubtedly faces a lot of criticism because of his fame. Bliss recently tweeted that she would stop using Twitter in 2023 to focus on her mental health for the same reason. After that tweet, she locked her Twitter account, limiting access to a small number of her fans.

“This year, I’m focusing on my mental and physical health, and I think the majority of that will come down to staying off Twitter,” she wrote. The previous five-time women’s champion has a goal for this year. She believes that avoiding Twitter would be beneficial to her mental well-being.

Alexa Bliss’ 2023 goal

Additionally, it is undoubtedly heartbreaking news for many WWE Universe fans that they won’t be able to communicate with her on Twitter any longer for at least the foreseeable future. Support for Alexa Bliss’ 2023 goal comes from fans. Bliss has a sizable fan base, and they have proven why they are so devoted to her. They encouraged “Little Miss Bliss” to consider focusing on her mental health in 2023. Bliss previously held nine WWE championships.

She has won the RAW Women’s Championship three times, the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice, and the Women’s Tag Team Championship three times. Additionally, she has a single 24/7 title victory. For the RAW Women’s Title, Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss squared off on this week’s episode of RAW. After the match, Lexi attacked the WWE’s EST, who had won the contest.

Bray Wyatt vignettes have been appearing on RAW in recent weeks whenever Bliss appears. During her RAW match, similar circumstances occurred, but she lost it when an enigmatic man also showed up at ringside. Following the game, she beat Belair up and attacked the referee. When Wyatt will visit her in person is currently unknown. The WWE fanbase will undoubtedly go crazy whenever that occurs.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.