Fans ‘Obsessed’ As Itzy Drops ‘Loco’ Music Video As Comeback

ITZY is back with a comeback as Crazy In Love is set to become the fourth-gen girl group’s very first studio album. The band seems to have gone all out for it. They are exploring different kinds of love as we can make out with the title track, Loco.

Loco is Spanish for crazy and most summer songs are about first love, innocent youth and happy relationships. But Itzy marks the season and brings in a spooky season with an anti-romantic music video.

The band dropped the album and the music video for Loco on September 24. They also have a second music video for the b-side ‘Swipe’. That will release on September 27. Loco’s music video justifies its name as its a clash of various kinds of concepts of love, pop-art and punk rock aesthetic. The track is full of Latin instruments and talks about being crazy in love as they cannot seem to stop thinking about a boy.

The track debuted at #3 on Bugs and entered Genie and MelOn’s charts. ITZYs fans have not been able to get over the music video for Loco and this is evident as the video already has 1 million views in just 26 minutes of its release. Do not think that the music video is about young love and being crazy in love. It is anything but romantic in that sense.

The band can be seen in a much darker behaviour as they are obsessed with a guy who does not seem to reciprocate. Their last chorus goes harder than the dance break. There are various neon and strobe lights, and speakers to dance in front of the boys’ window. A fan said, “THE VISUALS, THE SCENES, THE CHORUS, THE RAP, THE DANCE BREAK, EVERYTHING WAS JUST AMAZING.”

The visuals had fans drooling over the music video as a fan commented, “Obsessed with kitty yeji she’s so cute.” Another said, “THE POWER CHAERYEONG HOLDS.” Yet another added, “Finna save all the ryujin pics we get this era.” 


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