Fans Notice Rihanna's Hand Signal Not Included In Superbowl Halftime Broadcast

Fans Notice Rihanna’s Hand Signal Not Included In Superbowl Halftime Broadcast

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was much anticipated, with viewers tuned in from all around the world to witness the pop icon perform. There were hit songs, a pregnancy announcement, and even some Fenty Beauty promotion during the concert, but there was one moment that had fans talking, and it was a gesture that was taken out of the televised feed.

The 34-year-old singer entered the stage during the 2023 Super Bowl for the first time in years and rocked the audience with a hit-filled setlist. A video circulating on social media, however; has emphasized a motion made by Rihanna when the cameras were not on her; and some admirers believe it was a homage to the Illuminati.

The TikTok video recorded Rihanna holding her hands up over her head, creating a diamond with her fingers. While some fans jumped to conclusions and assumed the gesture was the Illuminati symbol; others quickly clarified that it was most likely the Roc Nation hand sign.

Many fans were disappointed that the gesture was not shown in the televised feed; and some speculated that it was omitted for a reason. Others, on the other hand, linked the symbol to her decision to wear all red; and either laughed about it or were more realistic about what she was doing.

Despite the uproar surrounding this one moment, Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was a big success; with more people tuning in than the actual Super Bowl game. Whether you like Rihanna or not, it’s safe to say that her Super Bowl Halftime Show was unforgettable.


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