Fans LOL As BTS’ Taehyung Hilariously Reveals His Takeaway From Jinny’s Kitchen Adventures

V is not only a talented singer, dancer, and actor, but also a lovable and hilarious personality who never fails to make his fans laugh. Recently, V joined the cast of Jinny’s Kitchen, a popular variety show that features celebrities cooking and managing a restaurant together. The show is hosted by veteran actor Lee Seo-jin and actress Jung Yoo-mi, and also stars Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-sik, who are V’s close friends.

V is the youngest and newest member of the show, and he plays the role of an intern who helps out with the cooking and cleaning. The show premiered on February 24, 2023, and was an instant hit, debuting with high ratings. Fans were excited to see V in a different setting from his usual stage performances, and were curious about how he would interact with the other cast members.

The initial episodes showed the cast traveling to Mexico, where they had to cook various dishes using local ingredients. V impressed everyone with his enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things. He also showed his cute and funny side by making jokes and teasing the others. He even tried to speak Spanish with the locals, which made the fans swoon.

However, what really made the fans LOL was V’s hilarious takeaway from his experience on Jinny’s Kitchen. In a recent Bangtan Bomb video released by BigHit Entertainment, V talked about his time on the show and what he learned from it. He said, “It was a completely new experience for me to join a variety show. I was very nervous going to the shoot without the other members.” He added, “The show was a good chance for me to learn about cooking for the first time.” However, he then revealed his surprising preference by saying, “But I still think I prefer clean-up more.”

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at V’s adorable confession. They commented on the video saying things like, “V is so cute! He prefers clean-up over cooking? That’s so unexpected!” “V is such a good boy! He always helps out with the chores!” “V is so funny! He should join more variety shows!” “V is so precious! He makes me smile every day!”

Taehyung‘s fans are looking forward to seeing more of his antics on Jinny’s Kitchen. The show airs every Friday on tvN. And is also available on Amazon Prime video. Don’t miss it!

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