Fans Hope That Netflix Revival Of ‘Start-Up Season 4’ Is On The Way

After being released on Netflix earlier this year, the well-received series StartUp found a new life. Fans now anticipate that a season 4 revival is on the way. But is it really that simple? Let’s dive deeper.

Season 1-3 of the show released on Netflix on May 4, 2021 worldwide. The show made its spot in the top 10 charts with ease.

StartUp In Top 10 Charts

Netflix content team must be happy seeing StartUp series perform so well. Currently it is amongst the 50 best performing shows of 2021. StartUp has also stayed for 28 days in the top 10 of US charts. With all this progress, why is a season 4 renewal not yet announced?

The series started as one of the leading programs on Crackle, a broadcasting service that was earlier owned by Sony.

Show Cancelled After Season 3

The cast members of the show StarUp were well known and popular celebrities such as Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Adam Brody, and Addison Timlin.

After all three seasons arrived on Netflix, the public had an abrupt increase in interest in fourth season.

Officially, StartUp was announced as ‘canceled’ after the release of season 3 in November 2018.

Will It Return For Season 4?

Now, years later, Insider information received by various entertainment tabloid reveals that the StartUp show can return, or at least, the original show network is thinking about it.

Ashley Rodriguez got to talk to the head of Crackle’s parent company Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment, Bill Rouhana.

Bill Rouhana has said to Insider earlier in July that they were considering reviving the series and they were in talks with the makers of the show by doing more.

Given the years since season 3, combining the revival with the older characters can be difficult but negotiations are possible.

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