Fans Go Crazy Just Because Bryce Hall Says He Will Start Wearing ‘Jeans’ More Often

Well if you think the world of internet was bizarre, it has now peaked your imagination! Recently Bryce Hall sent out a tweet and fans are going crazy in the comments section! What is this tweet about?

Famous TikToker and YouTuber Bryce Hall recently moved out from the content collective ‘Sway House’. He revealed last week that ‘he left sway’ but no more details were provided from his side.

Bryce Hall: Life Update

Sway House was one of the pioneering and one of the most loved content creator’s house on TikTok. Just like the Jake Paul’s Team 10 house or The Clout House, content creators lived together in the Sway House.’

Yesterday, Bryce Hall took to his Instagram stories to share a ‘life update’. He said that he is a grown up adult now, is 22 years old who is doing everything by himself! Bryce also said on his Instagram stories that he is looking for new friends! Check that story out here.

‘I’m Gonna Start Wearing Jeans’

Coming back to the bizarre tweet, Bryce Hall tweeted ‘im gonna start wearing jeans’. While it apparently seems a regular un-extraordinary tweet, Bryce Hall fans think otherwise.

Bryce Hall fans took to comments and went bonkers thinking about their favorite Internet personality wearing jeans. One user said “omg ur tiktok video with your shirt in the jeans… RIP my eyes. Anyway ily”

Another Twitter user commented “Oh my god, really? It’s even better than my birthday present”

Adulthood And Jeans

It seems like Bryce Hall is taking adulthood seriously and is making hard choices in wake of the new chapter in his life. Tell us your thoughts. Do you think the comments are bizarre under a post which says ‘im gonna start wearing JEANS’.

To give you the kicker, Bryce never abandoned jeans in the first place. It was just that Bryce Hall was usually seen in Bermudas, sweats, and shorts! So fans going crazy in the comments section just for Bryce’s decision to start wearing jeans seems a bit out of the place.

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