Fans Enraged After Warner Bros Drops $90M Batgirl Film

Fans Enraged After Warner Bros Drops $90M Batgirl Film

It has been revealed that Warner Bros will unfortunately not be releasing the superhero film, Batgirl on HBO Max or in theaters. Various sources have revealed that the highly-anticipated movie is now dropped.

Leslie Grace was set to portray Barbara Gordan aka Batgirl on-screen. As per reports, the test screening was negative to the point that the studio had to drop the nearly-completed movie. Even the budget for the movie had increased because of the COVID-19 pandemic and it rose to around $90 million.

Brendan Fraser, J. K. Simmons, and Michael Keaton were said to play Firefly, Commissioner Gordon, and Batman respectively. Fans are extremely furious at the decision of the production house of cancelling Batgirl.

Many have expressed their shock and fury on social media, especially on Twitter. This majorly focused on Ezra Miller because of the actor’s terrible rapport in the past couple of weeks. Even so, his project is still intact and on schedule.

A user expressed that they do not understand this decision and added that if they want to restart the entire DC franchise then it’s fine. However, the user said to dismiss an already completed movie with high-upside IP is just bizarre. Meanwhile, another user expressed that they woke up and chose violence as they did not even dump it online.

Another user wrote that the same studio is planning to release Ezra Miller’s Flash. Yet a user questioned how bad this movie could be and asked if it’s worse than Morbius. Many others have echoed the same sentiments about releasing Ezra’s movie and not Batgirl.


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