Fans Discover That Gurumi Haribo Who Spread V and Jennie Dating Rumors Was Right About The Idol Detail

The K-Pop world was shaken by the rumors of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating, which were spread by an anonymous online persona named Gurumi Haribo. The rumors started in December 2021, when V accidentally followed Jennie’s Instagram account, and escalated in May 2022, when Gurumi Haribo posted alleged private photos of the two idols on Twitter and Telegram.

The photos showed them backstage, at V’s apartment, and wearing matching Winnie the Pooh shirts. Gurumi Haribo claimed to have more evidence and threatened to expose the couple if their agencies did not confirm their relationship.

However, many fans doubted the authenticity of the photos and pointed out possible editing errors and inconsistencies. Some also suspected that Gurumi Haribo was a hacker who stole pre-edit photos from V and Jennie’s accounts, or someone who had access to their phones. BIGHIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment both issued statements to take legal action against the person who violated the artists’ rights and privacy. Gurumi Haribo responded by saying that they had not been contacted by either agency and that they would not post any more photos until the police investigation was done.

During their reign of terror, Gurumi Haribo operated a Discord server where they shared regular updates. In one of these updates back in September 2022, the elusive persona mentioned Jennie’s participation in the HBO show “The Idol” and revealed that her character would be named Dyanne. At that time, this specific detail was not publicly known, adding credibility to Gurumi’s claims.

Earlier today, a Twitter account posted the synopsis for the second episode of “The Idol,” confirming the existence of a character named Dyanne who matches the description of Jennie’s character from the show’s teaser. The revelation has left fans shocked and concerned, as they contemplate the possibility that Gurumi Haribo may have insider information or connections to Jennie’s staff. This realization raises serious questions about Jennie’s safety and the potential breach of confidentiality within her team.

Fans have taken to social media platforms to express their distress and unease. Many worry that if Gurumi Haribo is indeed an individual with close ties to Jennie’s staff, it could compromise her privacy and personal security. The situation has created a sense of urgency among fans, who are calling on YG Entertainment, the production team of “The Idol,” and other relevant parties to thoroughly investigate this matter and ensure Jennie’s well-being.

It is important to note that YG Entertainment initiated a legal investigation into Gurumi Haribo’s actions in 2022, which is reported to still be ongoing. Given the seriousness of the situation and the potential implications for Jennie’s safety, it is expected that the agencies involved will intensify their efforts to uncover the identity of Gurumi Haribo and address any security concerns that may arise from this latest development.


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