Fans Demand YG To Protect ROSÉ As The BLACKPINK Singer Is Hit With “Nasty” Accusations

Just days after Lisa of BLACKPINK became a target of slut-shaming, body-shaming, xenophobic, and misogynistic attacks, the group’s main vocalist and lead dancer Rosé has now been attacked with the same disgusting allegations.

An account posted a video on Twitter. The video showed Rosé entering an after-party venue. There are also some men who enter after her. Some people on Twitter alleged that one of those men is Jérémy Erlich of Spotify. Rosé was accused of the same disturbing things that Lisa was a few days ago. Some people implied and many explicitly (without shame) stated that Rosé was sharing sexual favors in return for BLACKPINK’s massive success on Spotify.

Fans were taken aback by such outrageous allegations against the “Hard To Love” singer. Many argued that Rosé is a global star who has to maintain professional relationships and connections and attend meetings with all kinds of professionals, regardless of their gender.

Just because she’s spotted at the same place as a Spotify employee (who happens to be a man) doesn’t mean that they are having sex. Not only is this insinuation offensive on so many levels, but also dangerous to Rosé’s public image.

To make things worse, many Korean media outlets twisted the story to imply that Rosé has “dating” rumors with that Spotify employee when in reality there were no such rumors to begin with but deplorable sexual allegations and misogynistic attacks against Rosé.

Fans Reaction

Fans are enraged after all that has been dumped on Rosé in the last few days and are asking YG Entertainment, who manages BLACKPINK, to people who are throwing these allegations on her and causing damage to her reputation.

“These stvpid articles label it as “dating rumors”. No, it’s blatant slvtshaming and misogyny. Call it what it is and hold the perpetrators accountable.”

“bodyshaming and slutshaming will never be ok. a clapback or not, regardless of who, i don’t tolerate that behavior at all. no woman deserves to be treated like this”

“It’s sad that fans have to take matters to hands trending hashtags & mass tagging our concern for YG to move for Rosé. This is a serious situation for her reputation as an artist with people believing it, why cant you move?”

“I hope she’s feeling okay and is surrounded by her loved ones. She’s never done anything to anyone to deserve this kind of treatment and things that are happening to her right now are completely unacceptable and unforgivable”

“This is getting out of hand. Protect Rosé from false accusations and sexual remarks being thrown at her. Do your job! YG”

Rosé has been falsely accused of a made up rumour, names and sexual remarks been thrown at her but why are you NOT saying anything? @/YG”

ROSÉ is your artist. YOU MUST PROTECT HER from constant defamation, harassment & fake news. We demand update with your promised legal actions against communities & media that tarnish her image and reputation as artist & harm her as a human being!”

Rosé is currently busy touring the world with her group BLACKPINK. YGE has not yet provided any kind of response to the situation.

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