Fans Demand HYBE to Take Action and Safeguard Jungkook Against Terrifying Death Threats

Fans of popular K-pop group BTS are calling on HYBE/BIGHIT MUSIC to take action and protect member Jungkook following a series of concerning incidents involving his privacy. Fans have expressed concern after an individual known as @chu02859 on Instagram made alarming posts, including a death threat towards the 25-year-old singer.

Jungkook has previously spoken out about instances where his privacy has been invaded. In 2019, during a live broadcast, he received a call from a fan who said they were just calling to check on him. Jungkook explained that he immediately blocked the call and expressed that he gets a lot of calls from sasaeng fans, a term used to describe obsessive fans who stalk and invade the privacy of their favorite idols.

In another instance, Jungkook was followed by fans after leaving the gym. He also received calls in his hotel room ahead of the 2022 Grammy Awards. The incidents have caused alarm among fans, who have been calling on HYBE/BIGHIT MUSIC to take measures to protect the singer’s safety.

The recent posts by @chu02859 have raised further concerns. The individual claimed to have sent food to Jungkook’s house and expressed anger that he refused to eat it. The individual also posted an image of a knife with a death threat towards the singer.

Fans have since identified the individual as Amina, an alleged 17-year-old foreign sasaeng who has lived in South Korea and obtained Jungkook’s address. However, the individual’s current IP address is reportedly in Indonesia, which has offered some reassurance to fans.

Despite this, fans remain worried about the safety of their favorite idol. They have taken to social media to express their concerns and urge HYBE/BIGHIT MUSIC to take action to protect Jungkook. The hashtag #ProtectJungkook has been trending on Twitter, with over 14,000 related tweets at the time of writing.

Fans have called on HYBE/BIGHIT MUSIC to take measures such as increasing security around Jungkook, monitoring his social media accounts, and taking legal action against individuals who threaten his safety. Many have also criticized the company for not doing enough to protect their artists from sasaeng fans.

Sasaeng fans are a pervasive problem in the K-pop industry, with many artists experiencing incidents of invasion of privacy and harassment. In recent years, several high-profile cases of sasaeng fan behavior have made headlines, including incidents involving BTS and other popular K-pop groups.

Fans hope that by raising awareness of the issue and calling on HYBE/BIGHIT MUSIC to take action, they can help protect their favorite idols from the dangers of sasaeng fan behavior. In the meantime, they are continuing to monitor the situation closely and urging everyone to take threats against idols seriously.


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