Fans Create BTS & BLACKPINK Theories After Justin Bieber Gets Rumored To Release Collab Single With “Two K-Pop Idols From Two Biggest K-Pop Groups”

Rumors are circulating that Justin Bieber may be working with two of the top K-pop stars from two of the most well-liked K-pop groups, which is an exciting development for both Beliebers and K-pop fans.

Close your eyes and try to imagine two of the most popular K-Pop groups. None other than BTS and BLACKPINK will come to your mind. Therefore, naturally, fans are convinced that the collab with feature Justin Bieber and a BLACKPINK and a BTS member. If true, this will undoubtedly be one of the most historic collaborations in the music industry. According to rumors on social media, Justin Bieber has already started work on this rumored collab single. The news has sent social media into a frenzy, with fans of both Justin Bieber and K-pop eager to see what this collaboration could entail.

Fans Share Jimin And Lisa Theories

Jimin and Lisa currently appear to be the most likely K-Pop idols taking part in this collab project, however, nothing is official yet.

BTS member j-hope celebrated his birthday yesterday.

He came live on weverse to interact with his fans. Jimin was there too. He apparently sang Justin Bieber’s “BABY” as he pointed towards Jimin. Was he hinting at something or did this moment not really mean anything? We don’t know, but fans think it may be significant considering the JB rumors.

Lisa is apparently the only K-Pop idol that Justin follows on Instagram. He first followed her back in 2019. Earlier, it was also rumored that Jungkook and Lisa are the ones Justin is collaborating with.

Whether or not this collaboration comes to fruition, the excitement and anticipation surrounding the rumors are a testament to the power and influence of K-pop and its ability to bring fans from all over the world together.

The collaboration could be part of a larger effort to bridge the gap between Western and K-pop music. In recent years, K-pop has gained a massive following around the world, with many artists breaking into the Western music scene. A collaboration between Justin Bieber and BTS and BLACKPINK could be seen as a sign of the growing influence of K-pop on the global music industry.

Fans of all three artists are eagerly awaiting any confirmation or announcement about the potential collaboration.

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