Fans Are Convinced The Weeknd Cast Selena Gomez Look-Alike In Music Video

The Weeknd has made fans go wild as he released a new music video for his track, ‘Save Your Tears’. He made fans have a crazy reaction to his major transformation where he wore dramatic facial prosthetics.

The prosthetics made him look completely different and had fans wondering a lot of things. However, most of them were more focused on the female model who was also a part of the project. Many of his fans compared the model to The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

He had dated the singer for 10 months back in 2017. One YouTube user commented on the video and asked how is no one talking about the girl looking like Selena. The user also pointed out, “Like this song is about her if you actually listen and the video confirms it.”

While another user echoed the same saying she infact does look like Selena Gomez. Fans noted the beauty and fashion similarities between the model and the entrepreneur. One user pointed out that the girl has a similar hairstyle and earrings as Selena in her music video, Dance Again.

Another person added, “The girl looks like Selena in ‘Dance Again‘ music video. This song is for Selena.” Meanwhile, other fans pointed out that the track’s lyrics could also be a reference to another one of Selena’s songs.

One follower pointed out that Selena’s track, Crowded Room from her Rare album had the lyrics, “‘Baby, it’s just me and you / Just us two / Even in a crowded room.'” Then the user noted that The Weeknd’s lyrics hear him sing, “‘I saw you dancing’ in a crowded room.'”

The Weeknd Raises Eyebrows Releasing Snowchild

This is not the first time fan theories are pointing towards their relationship. Last year both The Weeknd and Selena had many fans wondering that their music was a tribute to their romance. Back in July 2020, the Blinding Lights singer released the music video to his track, Snowchild. It had him paying tribute to his many personas throughout the years. However, what raised more eyebrows was that he released the music video on the same day as Selena’s 28th birthday.

Not just that, the music video had featured balloons, houses, and staircases which looked similar to some estates that the Rare Beauty founder had previous photoshoots on. The song was also listed on Selena’s Cooking Together Spotify playlist.

Selena had released the deluxe version of her album as she released Souvenir the same month. Fans were wondering if the lyrics of the song were a nod to their relationship. However, both the singers have kept this information sealed.

Fans said that the two went their separate ways in October 2017. A source revealed that their breakup was mutual as they were distant because of work. The source confirmed that it did not end in a bad way. A separate source echoed the same sentiments, sharing, “They are still talking and will remain friends. They have been very grown-up about it.”

“It’s been hard for them to come to the realization that this is the direction things were heading, but it’s been hard for months,” the insider added. “They have been open and honest about it and where they were going. Distance definitely played a factor.”

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