Fans Comparing Asim Azhar, Hania Amir & Merub To Pakistani Version Of Justin, Selena & Hailey, Read To Know More

The Pakistani singer, Asim Azhar recently got engaged to his rumored girlfriend Merub Ali. They gotten engaged on 20th March 2022. Lately, she shared the news of her engagement with him. They both share an amazing friendship.

Asim Azhar and Merub Ali

Asim Azhar is known for his singing who is very talented. Indeed, he got fame at a very young age. All his songs gather massive views on YouTube. He has a significant fan following from neighboring nation India as well. He got engaged to his friend Merub Ali who was already his rumored fiancée, Merub Ali is also a model and actress.

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They both share an amazing friendship and have been seeing each other for a few moths now. Not only this, they both were seen doing jamming, traveling and attending shows together.

Pictures Shared On Instagram

Merub Ali and Asim both took the news to her Instagram “Shuker Alhamdulillah. 💍. With the grace of Allah Almighty and our parent’s duas, we announce our Imam Zamin – engagement. May Allah SWT and Ahlebait keep us protected and this happy forever, Aameen. Keep us in your prayers. 💛 “.

Here are pictures that Merub Ali shared.

Asim Azhar and Merub Ali Engagement

Viral Funny Memes: Hinting Hania Amir

Right after the engagement news and pictures went viral, fans started pocking and sharing funny memes. In few hours, singer started trending on Twitter as well. Asim Azhar’s fans are not staying calm and sharing hilarious memes regarding his old relationship status with Hania Aamir followed by his engagement to Merub Ali.

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Viral Funny Memes: Hinting Hania Amir
Viral Funny Memes: Hinting Hania Amir
Viral Funny Memes: Hinting Hania Amir

Were Hania & Asim Dating Really?

Last year, when the news of the duo breaking up has surfaced, everyone has been asking whether both of them were dating or not. Even though they didn’t explicitly reveal the love affair. But this all started when both of them were showstoppers in a Fashion Week and Asim sang a song for Hania all the while kneeling down for her as well.

From there, started the news of two together and we saw them with each other on multiple occasions. In fact, both of them attended every event and function together. In various interviews, we heard them talking about their relationship even if not openly.

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