Fans Are Searching For Dream In Bella Poarch's Latest Video

Fans Are Searching For Dream In Bella Poarch’s Latest Video

As per Bella Poarch and Sub Urban, the Minecraft star and faceless YouTuber, Dream was allegedly part of Inferno music video.

Just like her first music video, Build A B—h, Bella came back with a bang with Inferno. Her second music video also included various content creators and internet personalities. The list of stars consisted of Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter and Ludwig Ahgren.

But now both Bella and Sub Urban teased fans as they claimed that Dream had made an appearance. Sub Urban claimed that Dream was a part of Inferno video and then Bella replied where she tagged Dream. She asked him whether she should tell fans to which Dream responded saying that she already had.

This made his fans go haywire as they were trying to find Dream in the video. Many of his supporters began to go through the music video to spot the faceless YouTuber. However, there were also few personalities who did not show their face in the music video. This led to fans thinking that one of those people might be Dream himself.

Many users were confused and suspicious of the “hands” that showed up during a scene. They were also curious about multiple other people from the video that never showed their face. However, it is difficult to say if Dream was actually a part of the video.

There were also some users who thought both Bella and Sub Urban were kidding. They concluded that the collaborators were trying to get people to re-watch the music video. Despite that Inferno has garnered close to 15 million views.

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