Fans Are Not Happy After Rumor That YGNGG BABYMONSTER Includes A 13-Year-Old Member

By releasing the first image of the soon-to-debut girl group BABYMONSTER on January 1, 2023, YG Entertainment kicked off the new year in style. The names of the seven members are all that are known at this time, however, it has been conjectured that they range in age from 13 to 17 years old.

The rumour has caused K-pop fans to once again wonder why the industry is so fixated on introducing more younger stars every year. Many YGE musicians, including WINNER, AKMU, and Lisa and Jennie of BLACKPINK, were shown in the video applauding the trainees who have been working on their craft for four years.

BABYMONSTER is in problems before its debut as a result of this new rumor and speculations that the youngest member is just 13 years old.

Age Rumor Causes Ruckus

The end of 2022 saw YG Entertainment announce the unexpected departure of a number of musicians, with the last news being the introduction of a new female group. Seven people make up the soon-to-debut group: Ahyeon, Rora, Chikita, Asa, Prita, HR (Hyerin/Haram), and Dain. Since Prita is Thai, Chikita is Thai-Mexican, and Asa is Japanese, they are also the most culturally varied bunch.

The YG NEXT MOVEMENT introductory video for BABYMONSTER showed the trainees working out in the studio. Viewers get a peek at who is in the group, what goes on behind the scenes as they prepare for their debut, and, most significantly, what YGE artists think of their juniors.

The youngest member of the group is just 13 years old, while the oldest is said to be 17 years old, according to internet talks, while admirers wait for additional details about the girls. Many people are surprised by these reported ages since they find them to be very alarming.

Even worse, several people made mocking remarks about how seriously the agency regarded the “baby” in “BABYMONSTER.” See how people are responding to the alleged age below:

“think the most shocking part ab baby monsters to me is not their age now but the fact that yg has been apparently been training them for YEARS??? LIKE HOW YOUNG WERE THEY WHEN THEY STARTED TRAINING?!?”

“baby monster have been practicing for 4 years together so that 09 liner was only nine when she began to practice to become an idol? this isn’t okay we need them gone”

“i dont mind if maknae baby monster’s age is underage but if almost all members baemon is minor… omfg terrible”

NewJeans, the newest female group from ADOR, has also been thrust back into the spotlight by the controversy. In July 2022, Hyein, a 14-year-old, made her debut as the group’s maknae.


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