Fans Are Concerned After The “Taehyung & Jennie Leaker” Attacks Jisoo Once Again

This whole controversy seems to be getting worse and worse every week. In the latest turn of events, a recent unseen picture of BLACKPINK’s JISOO was leaked via a telegram group.

Most of you are probably already aware of the Gurumi person, who has been “leaking” unseen and private pictures of BTS’ Taehyung aka V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Even though the pictures are not confirmed to be real, fans are still concerned about the privacy of all the kpop idols involved.

The hacker started with Jeju pictures of V and Jennie and went on to post several new selfies almost every week. The pictures quickly went viral as fans discussed whether they were real or fake. As the result of attention that the pictures generated, YG and HYBE were pressured to address the situation, however, both the companies have maintained silence without making any significant statements, further adding to the frustration of the fans.

The leaker who goes by the name Gurumi went a step further and started to leak pictures of Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo as well. The pictures were later proved to be real, however, YG still remained silent.

The Latest Attack On Jisoo:

Gurumi keeps popping up with new stuff almost every week to annoy fans. This time, the leaker shared a recent unseen picture of Jisoo from Paris. Jisoo is currently in Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week event for Dior. The leaker started their message saying that Jisoo is “kind” and “honest” and not involved with Taehyung in any way. They added that even so, Jisoo can help “us” to see the truth.

The leaker shamelessly implied that Jisoo, a global kpop icon, is part of THAT telegram group populated with a bunch of 12-year-olds with nothing better to do with their time. The leaker urged Jisoo to please post that unseen picture on her Instagram to indirectly confirm that Jennie and Taehyung are “hanging out” but no one in the industry can openly talk about it.

Jisoo did share that picture on her Instagram a few hours later, prompting the leaker to say that they strongly believe that Jisoo is part of their telegram group.

It’s silly and disrespectful to imply that Jisoo will take part in the Leaker’s childish games. It’s more likely that the leaker has somehow managed to gain access to BLACKPINK members’ pictures and is now using them to set them up.

Fans are horrified to see what’s happening and how BLACKPINK members’ privacy is being invaded. BLINKs are trying their best to get YG to take serious action. Some fans are trying to give Jisoo a letter explaining everything while she’s in Paris.


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