Fan Polls Make Michael Sheen The Next Doctor Who

Fan Polls Make Michael Sheen The Next Doctor Who

Fans have voted for Michael Sheen as they depict he is the one they want to see take up the role of the 14th Doctor Who. This comes after Jodie Whittaker announced her departure in 2022.

The show recently faced backlash for its content and direction under the control of the showrunner, Chris Chibnall. But the show still remains extremely popular worldwide. As for Michael, he started his career as a theatre actor in the 1990s before becoming known as a movie and TV actor in the 2000s.

Michael has played various roles as public figures, including Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister; late comedy actor, Kenneth Williams in Fantabulousa! in 2006; late broadcaster David Frost in Frost/Nixon in 2008. The actor has also portrayed the role of The Surgeon in Prodigal Son. It was cancelled this year after two seasons.

Over 10,000 fans voted in the Radio Times poll to find out who is the most popular choice for the next Doctor. Michael garnered 20% of the votes and Richard Ayoade of The IT Crowd came in second with 15% votes. Jo Martin garnered the third position as he had already played a version of the Doctor in the 12th series.

Michael received critical approval for his performance as the angel Aziraphale in Good Omens. It has already been commissioned for a second series. He had previously been a part of the show in the 11th Doctor episode as he voiced the House. Michael has all the qualities required for the ranks of The Doctor and his acting ability has already been convincing.

However, giving the role to a white male actor after bringing in the first woman will be a possible problem. There are various other actors who are being considered for the role of The Doctor and it is yet to be decided when BBC will make the announcement.

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