Famous WWE Superfan 'Brock Lesnar Guy' Proves That WWE Is Reusing Fan Footage Of Him

Famous WWE Superfan ‘Brock Lesnar Guy’ Proves That WWE Is Reusing Fan Footage Of Him

While watching WrestleMania Backlash from home, famous WWE superfan ‘Brock Lesnar Guy’ noticed a familiar face in the crowd.

Brock Lesnar Guy is shown in the audience at numerous WWE and AEW events, most noticeably howling into the air as The Beast approaches the ring. BLG tweeted footage from this weekend’s WrestleMania Backlash occasion, which had shown WWE using rehashed video of himself in the a Monday Night RAW episode back in 2012.

The footage captures a clean-cut, longer-haired edition of the guy known as ‘Brock Lesnar Dude’ watching a 2012 event of RAW and responding to a promo from John Cena in front of WrestleMania 28.

The professional wrestling fan, who now teams a much new haircut and a full beard, reacted to the footage by switching back and forth between WWE’s live footage from 2012 and this past weekend’s WrestleMania Backlash event, where the video was edited into a recap of the Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin section from the April 29 show of SmackDown, ahead of their fight at the above said premium live event.

Lesnar Officially Became A Bearded Butcher

Lesnar officially became a Bearded Butcher last month with the drops a new Brock Lesnar Blend seasoning, which would be meant to be excellent for red meat but also works well on wild game, chicken, bacon, and fish.

We reported back in July 2021 that Lesnar travelled to Wooster, Ohio, whilst also away from WWE, to spend some time with Scott and Seth Perkins, the two brothers who run the Bearded Butchers brand. Lesnar befriended them, exchanged pleasantries, and learned how to decapitate a pig.

Lesnar is still publicised for SummerSlam on July 30, and he is no longer advertised for Money In the Bank on July 2. Those plans are obviously subject to change as we get closer to WWE’s big stadium Premium Live Events this summer.

Brock Lesnar’ Future Plans

Because Brock Lesnar performs a limited schedule in the WWE, there is a lot of rumours about his post-WrestleMania 38 status. According to popular belief, he will lose to WWE’s Tribal Chief in the main show of WrestleMania 38 – Night 2 and then take a break, potentially until SummerSlam 2022.

Nevertheless, WWE’s forthcoming schedule suggests alternatively. The Beast Incarnate is currently scheduled for two consecutive premium live events following WrestleMania – WrestleMania Backlash 2022 and Money in the Bank 2022.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.