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Famous Television Presenter Jonathon Coleman Has Passed Away Aged 65

Jonathan Coleman was a well-known and highly reputed radio jockey and TV host/presenter. He died at the age of 65.

The fast-paced DJ was born in London in Hackney on February 29, 1956 but he had a long and successful career in Australia as well.

Cause Of Death

He was officially diagnosed having serious prostate cancer half a decade ago and died on Friday with his wife and children next to him, the family confirmed.

Coleman’s wife Margot said they would “miss him dearly and beyond words”, while others paid tribute to the “radio giant”.

Coleman was also better known as Jono.

Career Debut

Coleman’s family had moved to Australia and this is when he first appeared on television in 1979. Soon after he also started contributing his voice on various radio stations and the public fell in love with his unique personality.

He spent 16 years in the UK where he was the presenter of the Russell and Jono Show with Russell Williams on Virgin Radio in the 1990s. He also worked on some other programs. To name a few, BBC Radio London and Heart 106.2 are amongst the best ones.

‘Soulmate For Close To 40 Years’

In a statement, his wife said he had been “a soulmate for her for close to almost 40 years” and described him as a “great talent and a special gift that made people laugh out loud”.

She added that her husband wanted to be remembered for “doing a good deed every day”, and that this showed “his generosity and concern”.


Among those expressing grief on the radio and TV presenters death, former colleague Williams said working together with him was “best of times and right now it feels like the worst of times”.

“Rest easy ‘Little buddy’ and ‘Thank You Very Much Indeed’. Blessed to have had him in my life,” he wrote.

Actor Russell Crowe wrote on Twitter that Coleman was “a lovely man”, while radio presenter and broadcaster Jeremy Vine labelled him as “a radio giant”.

BBC Radio London also paid tribute, tweeting: “We are so sad at the news that our former colleague Jono Coleman has died from cancer at the age of 65.

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