Falcon & The Winter Soldier’s Showrunner Was Surprised By Show’s Ending Title News

Falcon & The Winter Soldier’s Showrunner Was Surprised By Show’s Ending Title

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Time icon May 3, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s showrunner, Malcolm Spellman was surprised by the show’s ending title. The Disney+ hit series features Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. He has played the character for seven years throughout the Marvel franchise. His first appearance was on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Ever since the character has come a long way within the MCU. Sam started off as being Steve Roger’s friend and superhero helper, however, he later became an Avenger. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Steve who had been Captain America passed on his shield to Sam. He encouraged him to take his place as Captain America moving forward.

Coming to the series, revolves around Sam’s hesitation to become the next Captain. He feels like the shield does not belong to him. His character also fears the racial backlash that a black Captain America would face. This is basically The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as fans watch Sam eventually accepting the title. With Sam, even Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier is seen leaving behind his ex-murderer persona as he moves ahead.

The title card at the final episode also changed. Instead of reading The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the card read Captain America and the Winter Soldier. This development confirms Sam’s new role and identity further in the MCU. However, fans were left wondering why the title for Bucky’s name had not changed despite the new title.

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“I discovered that title change when I was watching a cut of the episode, and it wrecked me.”

Fans wondered why Bucky’s name didn’t transition from The Winter Soldier to The White Wolf. The latter was the name given to the character by Dora Milaje in Wakanda. Malcolm talked about this to Inverse and discussed his reaction to the title card. The showrunner revealed that he was surprised at how it made him feel.

He shared that he discovered the title change when he was watching a cut of the episode and it “wrecked” him. Malcolm added that he hasn’t spoken to Marvel about considering the change in Bucky’s name too. However, he said his gut told him the reason it still says the Winter Soldier is because they wanted to play with the poetry of a title.

He said, “I’ll be honest; I discovered that title change when I was watching a cut of the episode, and it wrecked me. I haven’t spoken to Marvel about whether they considered changing Bucky’s name too; but my gut tells me the reason it still says “and the Winter Soldier” is simply; because they wanted to play with the poetry of a title you’ve been hearing. If they had changed too much it maybe wouldn’t have felt the same, but I truly don’t know what discussion went into it. I just know it landed heavy with me.”

The Falcon transitioning into Captain America is a major plot point for the MCU. But that is not all, recently it was revealed that fans will be getting another movie for Captain America. This makes it clear that Marvel has big plans for Anthony’s character in the future. Captain America 4 would decide the whole new era of the character if it is as successful as Chris Evans’ movie.

Although we do not know anything about the movie, it would be interesting to see the characters of the Disney+ series in the movie as well. The show left many storylines and teased new characters that will show up in the future of the MCU. One of the storylines we do not have the answer to is the plan of Val with John Walker or if the Flag Smashers have truly been disbanded. Another storyline is that of Sharon Carter as the Powerbroker and what she intends to do now that she seemingly is the villain.

Fans are likely to not get many answers as Phase 4 of the MCU has been planned out through the end of next year.

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