Fake Drake Claims Drake Threatened To Slap Him

The real Drake allegedly threatened to hit Fake Drake “for free” while they were both in Miami, according to Fake Drake.

Izzy Drake, who started showing up in Miami clubs last year to impersonate the 6 God, won Drizzy’s endorsement. Fake Drake claimed, however, that when he recently attempted to enter Drake’s Miami hotel room, things were a little uncomfortable.

“I pulled up to Drake’s hotel room, let’s just say it wasn’t very inviting,” Izzy Drake stated. “They tried coming at us, they just tried coming at us so I ended up texting him, telling him about the fight and he said that he’s gonna go up and slap me for free.”

What Did Izzy Drake Say?

Drake said he really gonna pull up the fight and slap me for free,” Izzy Drake added in the comment section of a We In Miami Instagram post. “It went from Lamar Odom to nick young now I’m left with this bozo. So Ima knockout @m2thakshow first round October 15th presented by @celebrityboxing1 in NJ Alantic city.”

He continued, “Once I knock him out he’s gotta pay up that mill since he claims ‘he’s so rich’ then I’m coming for @loganpaul for losing my 20k in Vegas. Grab your ticket now link in my bio.”

The second guest on the podcast, M2ThaK, who is scheduled to compete against Izzy Drake in a celebrity boxing battle on October 15 in Atlantic City, responded to the comment with a sarcastic rejoinder. The situation eventually got out of hand, and Fake Drake’s security had to keep the two online egos apart.

Since he was discovered at Club LIV in Miami looking like a Drizzy from the Certified Lover Boy period, Izzy Drake’s career has exploded over the past year. Izzy managed to maintain the momentum after going viral on social media and started making club appearances as the Fake 6 God, with customers apparently paying him upwards of $5,000 or more for an event.

“I’m touring, I’ve got some music events I gotta show up to,” he told No Jumper last November. “People DM me like, ‘Hey, you wanna come to my event because I can’t pay Drake – he’s too expensive. I’ll pay you $5,000.’ $5,000 just to show up. They pay my Airbnb, they pay the flight, they hook it all up.”

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